What You Give Today Will Help Feed A Starving Child A Nutritious Meal Tomorrow.

Help us build a better tomorrow with the resources we have today.

Feeding America's Hungry Children rescues wasted food and provides meals for thousands of hungry children.

You can join us in the crusade to bring a healthy meal to every hungry child in America.

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What you get out of giving to this cause...

Feeding America's Hungry Children helps rescue more than 2,402,700 pounds of Fresh Produce from being thrown away in Landfills every year.

What you get out of giving to this cause...

Your help us a better tomorrow for vulnerable children around the world. Make a tax-deductible donation To Feeding America's Hungry Children today!

And see how Feeding America's Hungry Children is making a difference in the USA.

How are we helping to solve Child Hunger

To end Child Hunger, we must work together to break the cycle of lack, by providing nutritious foods and to the neglected children who need it most.

Together We Can Solve Child Hunger.

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We’ve helped provide more than 2,002,250 meals to over 240,270 children in need. Join In Today! Each dollar you give will multiply 5x to provide much-needed food and essentials for hungry children.

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When you give to Feeding America’s Hungry Children, you’re joining a movement of countless others with a shared belief that there should be no neglected children.

Our mission is to provide a transportation link between national food products donors (who have the food surplus) and the independently operated food banks across the country who distribute this life-saving food to children who need it most with the support of a national network of donors just like you.

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